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Are you searching for a better future? - Then Attention Hard Working East Africans!

The UK is seeking short-term labour to fill their Seasonal Job Visa programme for 2024 in the Agricultural Sector.

Earn between £500 & £800 per week! (Less accommodation costs which will be provided)

This opportunity is NOT available through agents based in East Africa.

ACT NOW for 2024: Remember, next week may be too late. If you are not in it, you cannot win it!!

Migrant Workers are Respected in the UK!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU & THE UK! For a WIN – WIN situation.

Register Now for 2024. You snooze, you lose! Do it now!

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Brief information to consider:

  1. 2023 guaranteed minimum wage per hour in the UK is set at £10.42. This will increase for 2024.
  2. Applicants with machinery skills or farming knowledge will probably be on a higher pay scale.
  3. All farm work, livestock, fruit, vegetables will be offered with accommodation, charged at a government rate.
  4. All applicants will require a valid passport with at least one year before expiry.
  5. If the applicant is successful & an offer is received, then it will be the responsibility of the applicant to pay for the Bio-metric data collection & the Seasonal Job Visa which will be approved with a Sponsorship Number from the UK.
  6. Ideally, to cost of the flight ticket should be borne by the applicant, although in certain cases arrangements can be made to assist with this cost.
  7. At the end of the visa duration, please abide by our own “Bring it Home” policy to allow the same opportunity for people from East Africa for years to come. Also, remember a successful applicant can return year after year.


People of East Africa: - “Bring it Home” for your family, for your community & for your Country!

“Bring it Home” is our way to tell you that the value of money you earn in the UK is greater if you bring it home to spend in East Africa. If you do not return to East Africa, 3 things will happen;

  1. Future generations of East Africans will have this opportunity removed.
  2. The money you earned will not last more than 4 months in the UK
  3. As an illegal immigrant you will not be treated with respect & you will have no avenue to complain.

We urge you to return to East Africa, invest in East Africa, develop in East Africa for you, your family, your children & their children when that day comes. Bring it Home, build, buy land, expand your business & repeat the seasonal work programme for many years to secure your family for the future.

Earnings in the UK have SO much more value if you “BRING IT HOME!”

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